Exelon is a planet located in the Quattra system. It is the emptiest planet in the universe. It is mostly made up of quattrite, which is found in planets in and nearby to the Quattra system.

Inhabitants Edit

Exelon is uninhabited due to its surface being barren and flat. There have been attempts to colonize it, but they have been turned down by the government of Exela, who wish to protect the planet.

Far in the future, in the year 55,000,467,000,124, a race who named themselves the Exelonians inhabited the planet, building cities and other structures.

Important locations Edit

Landing Area One was where the Exelan army landed to stop the Jeyron invasion.

The Exelonian War occured at Exelon Zero.

The future Exelon Edit

To prevent the system from being destroyed by Quattra becoming a supernova, the system and its star was preserved. Exelon remained empty and barren.

In the year 55,000,467,000,200, the Quattra system was almost completely uninhabited, aside from Exelon, which was inhabited by a group of humans who named themselves the Exelonians. Some species attacked the planet, wanting it for themselves. A war occured. It took place at a spot later named Exelon Zero, destroying the cities.

Alternate universes Edit

In an alternate universe created by Cube2, Exelon was turned into a tourist attraction. It had around 3200 permanent inhabitants. However, Alternate Exelon was destroyed by the Climax.