Earth is a planet in the Sol system. It is the starting point of humanity. It has three moons, Luna, Jaast, and Raare.

Moons Edit

Earth was thought to have had one moon, but it actually had two. The second moon, Jaast, was a reddish colour and much smaller. Due to the way it orbited Earth, and its small size, it was only seen occasionally, and when it was seen people thought it was just the real moon turned red due to a light illusion.

Earth's more well known moon, which was originally just named 'The Moon' was later renamed to Luna after the discovery of Jaast.

At one point, the dwarf planet Raare came close to Earth's orbit, acting as a third moon. It was soon maneuvered by spacecraft into a more stable orbit.

Invasions Edit

Many alien invasions of Earth occured.

Teleportanarians invaded Earth in the 63rd century. They destroyed Recon Falls Testing Facility and Vision Resort.